If our advanced formulation and product development services weren’t enough, the Hydroscience team has even more to offer for getting your product to market. We have in-house capabilities for: 

Label Design & Packaging Support

Let us help with substance *and* style. Whether you have no idea where to start, or just need a re-design, our team is ready to spark or satisfy your vision. And with in-house regulatory expertise, we do double-duty and create a compliant label out of the gate. We’re also happy to facilitate quotes, proofs, and orders with best-in-the-business label vendors.

Need packaging guidance?  Whether your product needs a bottle, pouch, or box, we can advise on stock and custom sizes, colors, materials, and finishes. If you’re working with us on a custom formulation, this is typically part of the package; if not, we’re still here to help.

Website Development

The skyrocketing success of the nutraceutical industry in the past decade is largely due to e-commerce. Most brands are exclusively sold direct-to-consumer online or through one or more third-party marketplaces. So, having a compelling website built on a solid foundation is essential.

Our squad is ready to help with layout, graphic design, SEO, and setting up product sales pages. We can often coincide these services with our custom formulation process so your new product launch is effective, efficient, and economical.

Creative Copywriting

Your product might sell itself, but in today’s competitive market, attention is typically for the highest bidder! Today’s discerning consumer wants to peek behind the scenes and get to know you, your mission, and why your products are unique. Engaging content that is clever and appealing, yet factual and sincere is they key to earning buyer trust.

Whether you need assistance with creative copy for your website, emails, blogs, or social media, we’d love to help you with the voice of your brand.

Just Ask!

Finally, if we can’t do it, we know someone who can. We’re happy to share the benefits of our strong industry ties and solid rapport to meet your needs and promote your success.