CEO / Chief Scientist
G. Matthew Ziegler, M.S.
M.S. in Chemistry, University of Toledo

Matt Ziegler was born and raised on the banks of the mighty Lake Erie, with a strong passion for the scientific method, progressive ideals, innovation, and nutrition. As a prominent formulator and expert in the dietary supplement industry, his main passion is to better society by combining research, chemistry, and science with natural products to empower people to become their best self. He has served as formulator, scientific advisor, chemist, manufacturing expert, quality consultant, and as Director of Product Development for multiple dietary supplement companies. With the successful development of 100+ supplements, he is currently the CEO/Chief Scientist of his own business and loves his work, family, and helping create the most effective, unique dietary supplements that have ever been formulated. In his spare time, when you can pull him from his research, you will see him backpacking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, traveling, exploring, and finding any swimming hole that is deep enough to dive.

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