To share our knowledge, insight, and care with each client through comprehensive service, reliable guidance, and collaborative support from start to finish.

  • TRUTH: We stand on science to develop products that are sound, safe, and effective. Every ingredient and formula is backed by valid research and rationale.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We pride ourselves on having open, candid partnerships with our clients, ensuring full ownership and visibility. Quality has nothing to hide.
  • TRUST: We stick with you as long as you need us. Our goal is to cross the finish line with you and celebrate your success.

CEO / Chief Scientist
G. Matthew Ziegler, M.S.
M.S. in Chemistry, University of Toledo

Matt Ziegler was born and raised on the banks of the mighty Lake Erie, with a strong passion for the scientific method, progressive ideals, innovation, and nutrition.

As a prominent formulator and expert in the dietary supplement industry, his main passion is to better society by combining research, chemistry, and science with natural products to empower people to become their best self.

He has served as formulator, scientific advisor, chemist, manufacturing expert, quality consultant, and as Director of Product Development for multiple dietary supplement companies.

With the successful development of 100+ supplements, he is currently the CEO/Chief Scientist of his own business and loves his work, family, and helping create the most effective, unique dietary supplements that have ever been formulated. In his spare time, when you can pull him from his research, you will see him backpacking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, traveling, exploring, and finding any swimming hole that is deep enough to dive.

Nick Adamski
VP of Research

Nick Adamski joined the HydroScience team in 2020 as the Vice President for Research. His primary duties include creating custom formulations product and ingredient research, and project management.
Prior to joining HydroScience, Nick has spent the last 16 years working in the nutritional supplement and medical device industries. During his time there, he was responsible for new product development, overall quality systems management, and interfacing with regulatory authorities and notified bodies.

Nick is a 2005 graduate of the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Science in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, majoring in Pharmacology/Toxicology.

Bethany Jolley
Director of Quality

Bethany Jolley is a well-known consultant in the food and dietary supplement industries. She is recognized for her ability to create quality management systems that increase efficiency, accountability and productivity. She works closely with her clients and truly cares about helping them improve their businesses. Prior to becoming a consultant, Bethany worked as a Quality Assurance Director in the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries. She also spent a great deal of time in the laboratory developing formulas, some of which you will find in popular retail stores. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology from Texas A&M University and certifications include PCQI, SQF Practitioner and HACCP. 

Zack Woods
Director of Design & Brand Development

Zack is an experienced designer with a decade in the field, specializing in FDA packaging compliance and label designs for Amazon. His expertise spans various areas, including OTC products like hand sanitizer, topicals, and alcohol wipes, as well as extensive knowledge in CPG industries and consultation on manufacturing, packaging, and logistics.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design and a minor in Marketing and Management, Zack brings a comprehensive skill set to the table. Over the past decade, he has cultivated strong relationships with industry providers, offering services ranging from logo and web graphics to packaging design and consultation on different aspects of the supply chain.

What sets Zack apart is his unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, belief in over-delivering, responsiveness, resilience in troubleshooting, and a foundation of kindness in all interactions. Whether you’re seeking a creative solution for your branding or navigating the intricacies of the supply chain, Zack is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for your business.

Amanda Zumwalt

Director of Marketing and QA (Pet)

With Amanda on board, you can trust that your pet’s well-being is in the hands of a true industry expert who is passionate about providing the best in pet health and nutrition. With over 14 years of dedicated experience in the pet industry and a strong background in regulatory compliance (including AAFCO and NASC), Amanda Zumwalt is a seasoned expert who knows what it takes to craft exceptional supplement labels that not only meet stringent regulatory standards but also captivate the market.

Amanda’s plays a pivotal role in our marketing efforts. She’s not only here to support us but is also available to assist our clients in navigating their own marketing challenges.

She understands the importance of optimal pet health, which is why her cherished pups, Elwood, her senior Basset Hound, and Django, a spirited Australian Cattle Dog have access to the finest supplements available.

Heather Feight

Senior Project Manager

Heather Feigt brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Hydroscience LLC as our Senior Project Manager. With over 10 years of management experience and a background spanning more than 5 years in operations, Heather is well-equipped to oversee projects with precision and efficiency.

Her extensive involvement in the nutraceutical industry, particularly within small businesses, has honed her ability to discern project demands and identify opportunities for improvement. Heather’s keen eye for detail enables her to streamline processes, optimize efficiencies, and ensure project requirements are met with excellence.

Heather holds an Associate of Applied Science in Holistic Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies. Currently pursuing her aspirations in medicine, she is in the final stages of her Medical School Application. Additionally, her certifications in research and behavioral analysis further enhance her skill set, allowing her to adapt to a diverse range of client needs with ease.