Custom Health Solutions for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Pets are family and we want the best for them. They also are one of the largest consumer categories. According to the American Pet Product Association, 2022 pet product sales were more than $136 billion! We are here to formulate high-quality supplements suited to your goals. Each furry friend has unique needs and we can help you navigate key ingredients that will help support their health needs.

Formulations that Address Their Needs 

Address the most pressing health concerns for pets –


Joint Health, Skin and coat health, Digestion, Senior support


Urinary Health, Immune health, Hairball control and Anxiety


Hoof health, Muscle and joint support, Digestion and Anxiety

Proud NASC Preferred Supplier


Hydroscience is a NASC Preferred Supplier which means that National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) has prequalified us as a preferred vendor for customizing formulations. This prestigious accreditation highlights our commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and transparency in crafting pet supplements.

Our Formulation Process

We start with a n in-depth consultation to understand your needs and business goals. Once we have a plan the magic happens as we develop custom formulations for your needs. This can be just one supplement, a reformulation of your existing formula or an entire line. We are ready to help with your business no matter the size. Once the formula(s) is finalized we can guide you through selecting a manufacturer, packaging, regulatory, marketing and any other needs you may have. Your business will benefit from our past experience. We will recommend manufacturers and vendors that we have worked with and know the quality of their work.

We’re ready to take on any pet project. Have your sights on a successful peer’s product? We can reverse-engineer their formula and enhance it.

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