Label Reviews

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to product labels. They may seem like a simple artistic palette at first-glance, but supplement labels on the human and pet side come with strict requirements and regulations. Thankfully, we’ve got the federal code memorized and our review checklists ready!

Send us your new or changing labels to review and perfect, and we can minimize the back-and-forth with your manufacturer or licensor, saving you time and headache. Our in-house designer can update your artwork, or we can engage with your graphics team in an open and efficient process.

Website and Marketing Reviews

Did you realize that your website and marketing content are considered an extension of your product labels and therefore under regulatory scrutiny? Many brands aren’t aware of how closely the FTC monitors product claims. Just take a look at FDA warning letters and you’ll be convinced at your need to know what you can say.

It takes a discerning eye and a good grasp on semantics to create compliant website and marketing copy. The Hydroscience team has its finger on the pulse of regulatory surveillance, offering discernment and on risky terms that could get you in hot water. We can adeptly recommend compliant alternatives that don’t kill your creativity!

Product Specifications

High-quality products are built off of high-quality specifications. The quality of your product has to be on paper, or it doesn’t exist! Specifications guide every step of the manufacturing process, and even if you’re not a manufacturer, the FDA expects you to have one on hand for every finished product.